About Us

Our horsebox


Cafe Con Amore (Cafe with love) was launched in 2017 when we purchased a Sinclair horsebox and had it converted to enable us to cook and sell Italian pizza's from it to the public at events.

Since then the business has grown from attending events and exhibitions around the country with the horsebox to now offering authentic Italian catering for weddings, parties and corporate events! 

Whether you're looking for a more formal sit down meal or something more casual - we guarentee our food will be delicious and the service will be second to none.

Malcolm and Camy

The Cafe Con Amore Team

Malcolm has worked as a chef in the UK and Italy for the past 30 years in top hotels and restaurants.

Camy is the coffee expert and she has worked in Italy and the uk serving countless thousands of the Italian range. 

A word from Malcolm...

"Italian food always has been our favourite! We love the aroma’s and natural flavours of every region, and It’s been our passion for many years, 

Working for such inspirational people such as Antonio Carluccio and travelling to many wonderful food producers in Italy as well as working with the Italian ICIF cookery school in Asti and Turin I am privileged to understand the hard work and culture behind this cuisine’.

We believe that street food is the best environment to bring this to the public rather than corporate high street chains.

The personal touch brings us closer to our customers and that’s the way we like it. We may be small but our hearts are big and we hope you will love what we do as much as we do.

Wood fired Pizza is one of Napoli’s most famous foods with simple fresh quality ingredients.

What says Italy more than this?

Every region of Italy has it’s own little gems and as we grow we will be adding these to our menu.

All our Pizzas are made from a sourdough base to obtain the best texture and flavour.

Our tomato sauce is made by us at home.  Basil, Oregano, Extra virgin olive oil , Sea salt and Black pepper all give it the flavours that will make our pizza stand out from the crowd 

Our authentic toppings include, Italian roast ham, Parma ham, ventricina salami. Pepperoni, Roasted Italian red peppers, Gorgonzola cheese, Pamiganio reggiano, Mozzarela, and fresh basil. 

Cooking in a wood fired oven is not an easy task as maintaining the right temperature requires some skill and fire management the last thing you want is a burned pizza.

We burn kiln dried beech and oak, these while burning release the wonderful flavours associated with wood fired pizza and it’s one our customers love.

One pizza is cooked and ready to be eaten in around 90 seconds giving you the time to enjoy it.

Our coffee beans are roasted by an Italian coffee roaster close to where we live the company started in 1890 from Turin Italy. Once you try it you’ll know why we chose it."